The typogenetics game from Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid


Gonum is a collection of scientific software packages written for the Go programming language.


arrgh is a Go interface to the OpenCPU R server system.


bíogo is a collection of packages for bioinformatics written in the Go programming language.


ev3go is a Go interface to LEGO® Mindstorms-compatible robotics platform built on the Linux distribution.


utter implements a deep pretty printer for Go data structures.


Invoke the hive mind.

Selected Publications

bíogo is a framework designed to ease development and maintenance of computationally intensive bioinformatics applications.
The Journal of Open Source Software

The complexity of the coral Acropora genome is paradoxical, given that this organism contains apparently few tissue types and the simplest extant nervous system consisting of a morphologically homogeneous nerve net.
Current Biology 13:2190-2195

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I am teaching the bioinformatics course of the Master of Biotechnology at Adelaide:

  • BIOTECH7005: Bioinformatics and Systems Modelling

Other interests

Dan has other interests outside science and software development. He will share these things face to face.